500+ Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names (With Meanings)

We all know that:

That one of the most exciting things before your baby boy is born is trying to decide on his name, it’s an activity that brings joy in the family.

According to BabyCenter India, the most popular top 10 Indian baby boy names are:

  1. Mohammed
  2. Reyansh
  3. Aarav
  4. Atharv
  5. Vivaan
  6. Advik
  7. Ansh
  8. Ishaan
  9. Dhruv
  10. Siddharth


You want something unique and modern for your baby boy that not only you but the whole wide world would know that he is a special one so he deserves a special name.

Below you will find a list of unique Hindu baby boy names and their meanings that our team carefully selected as our favorites:

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